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OFIL Superb Corona Camera

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Brand: OFIL

Model: Superb OD & Superb XD

Price: Liên hệ

Máy chụp ảnh Corona OFIL Superb, OFIL Superb OD và OFIL Superb XD

  • LCD that is ideal for outdoor inspections and for sharing images with team members
  • On-board storage via Compact-Flash Card
  • MPEG Video/Audio on-board recording and storage
  • JPG on-board capturing function
  • Playback on-board function for images and videos
  • Fit for inspection under any light and weather conditions
  • Manual and Automatic focus for both UV and Visible channels
  • Zooming capability of both UV and Visible
  • Integration mode for larger signals and reduced background noise
  • Blob counting and display for evaluation of the corona strength
  • Reporting software
  • One-touch button functions operations; no need for menu browsing
  • Multi lingual display - optional
  • UV only, Visible only and Combined UV + Visible modes

Phụ kiện kèm theo thiết bị OFIL Superb bao gồm:

  • Flight table
  • Remote control
  • Corona Base - Database Reproting Software
  • Close-up Lens
  • Wide Field-of-View Lens
  • Inspection Guideli